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5 Tips for Buying a Dog-Friendly Home

5 Tips for Buying a Dog-Friendly Home

Mar 29, 2018

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5 Tips for Buying a Dog-Friendly Home

House hunting can be a daunting task for anyone, but it’s usually an added stress if you have pets. There’s a lot more to consider when you’re trying to accommodate your furry family members, so don’t overlook their needs as you start your search. Consider the following tips to make the task a little easier.

1. Is the Home in a Pet-Friendly Neighborhood?

Sure, we think about whether the area will be a good fit for our kids and ourselves, but it’s also a good idea to think about your dog. Are there other pets in the neighborhood? Not only is it great to have neighbors with pets your dog can interact with, it’s also invaluable to have people nearby you can swap doggy duty with when you go out of town. Also, look around for nearby dog parks or good walking routes. Having spaces outdoors for your dog to hang out will help him adjust happily to his new surroundings.

2. Does Your Pet Stay Mostly Indoors or Outdoors?

Wherever your pet’s domain, make sure he has room to run, play, and lounge. Either indoor or outdoor spaces will need to accommodate needs such as crates, dog beds, dog houses, etc. Think of everything your dog currently uses and his usual activity level before choosing your home.

3. How Is Your Dog’s Health?

Your dog’s age and health issues should be carefully considered when choosing a home. For example, does your dog have arthritic pain that may make stairs an issue or cold floors unbearable? Think about things that may hinder his movement or make it difficult to adjust, and try to shop accordingly. And if those things are an issue when you find the home of your dreams, keep in mind the cost and feasibility of any modifications that will need to be made.

4. Let Your Realtor Know About Your Dog

Not every house hunter is a pet owner or looking for a space that accommodates them, so be sure your realtor knows your needs. If you need a large back yard, a bigger mud room, or a house with no stairs, these are the things they need to know. Finding a house will be much easier if these types of properties are picked out for you to begin with.

5. Give Your Dog Time to Adjust

While you may be overjoyed to be moving into a new home, your dog is probably experiencing some trepidation. Not only is he in a strange place, but he may be experiencing some separation anxiety from all the activity he is not included in. Follow some of these helpful tips to help him adjust:


  • Pet-proof the new home: Install pet gates anywhere he is not allowed to help him learn his new boundaries.
  • Give him a familiar space: Don’t be tempted to buy him a new pet bed and toys. Set his space up with things that are familiar to him.
  • Don’t neglect his exercise: It’s easy to get caught up in all the chaos with moving, like unpacking and changing schools. But be sure you are still taking your pet for walks around the neighborhood or letting him play at the dog park. The exercise will help with his anxiety and give him an outlet for his energy.


With all the stress and excitement that goes along with house hunting, it’s easy to forget that our pets have certain needs for their environment as well. You probably consider your dog a part of the family, but when shopping for a new home, you might think he will be comfortable wherever you are. And while that may be true, take the time to also consider the things that will make it easier for him to transition and feel at home. It’s so nice when every family member has a home they love.


By: Cindy Aldridge


Photo by Pixabay